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"Banking has been revolutionised since the 18th-century weavers sharing yarn and oatmeal, where, social trust has been moving towards a centralized body; however, in today’s age of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has opened the doors for decentralized banking, unanimous trust and a fair distribution of resources. Ø Crypto Union brings together a society of members, all of whom share the same financial goals and values, pooling together their crypto assets through securitized tokens, and in doing so, becoming co-owners of the cooperative. By extension of which, Ø Union Revolution (OUR) extends legal and economic rights to union members. OUR finds positive synergies by way of a dual-algorithm asset-chain, via Komodo’s platform, combining PoS (92.3%) and dPoW (7.77%), offering 14.78 OUR stake reward per block - 7.77%, annually. Ø Crypto Union is a cryptocurrency banking platform whose contributions to market include: PAY: transactional payments without liquidating underlying cryptocurrencies INVEST: trade, invest and secure a diverse range of financial assets LIFT: optimize financial decision-making and access an array of high-end services "
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